Widely Experienced Background, Accomplished Communicator & Educator

David A. Rockstraw, Ph. D., P. E.

Robert Davis Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering


Expert Witness, Chemical Engineering Consultant, & Process Forensic Analyst

Expert Witness

Dr. David A. Rockstraw, P. E. is an established expert witness in the field of chemical engineering, chemical process analysis/forensics, intellectual property & trade secrets, explosion/fire, and chemical safety/hygiene matters, among other areas. Rockstraw offers strong communication skills in expert reporting, deposition, and oral testimony. Rockstraw offers the experience of over 50 past engagements and a vast network of expertise.

Not all experts are created equal

Rockstraw also has a network of colleagues who are potential experts, and will only refer experts who bring the same level of capabilities as he.  In addition to the expertise noted in Rockstraw’s CV, Rockstraw’s associates bring expertise from the energy industry that includes drilling, fracking, liquified natural gas (LNG), and power plant design/construction.