David A. Rockstraw, Ph. D., P. E.



Dr. David A. Rockstraw, P. E. is an experienced expert witness in the field of chemical engineering, chemical process analysis/forensics, intellectual property & trade secrets, and chemical safety/hygiene matters, among other areas involving chemical and materials phenomena. Rockstraw offers strong communication skills in expert reporting, deposition, and oral testimony. Rockstraw has testified in trials, arbitrations, and depositions dozens of times, and has the experience of over 70 past or current expert engagements, as well as over 30 technical consultant engagements.

Dr. David A. Rockstraw, P. E. is the former Robert Davis Distinguished Professor and Academic Department Head of Chemical Engineering, Interim Academic Department Head of  Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering and Director of Brewery Engineering at New Mexico State University, with over a decade of experience in the chemical process industry and national laboratories.  He is a strong communicator, skilled educator, and has experience with a wide range of processes in the chemical industry.  Rockstraw holds a Professional Engineering license in TX, NM, and CA.