David A. Rockstraw, Ph. D., P. E.

Expert Witness, Chemical Engineering Consultant, & Process Forensic Analyst

Dr. Rockstraw has worked in the chemical processing industries; academia; government labs; and private practice as consultant, R&D engineer, expert witness, and forensic analyst. He has a diverse set of experiences including: commodity chemicals; energy; water; petrochemicals; pharmaceuticals; agricultural chemicals; fluorochemicals; monomers, polymers and plastics; plutonium processing; membrane/electromembrane processes; safety; biofuels; processed foods; and academic administration. Rockstraw has provided expert testimony in deposition, trial, arbitrations, and inter partes reviews.

He has testified in high profile litigations in Federal and International Courts and before the International Trade Commission, and has sat in the witness chair for up to 20 hours in a single trial.‚Äč

In addition, Rockstraw has extensive training and skills with process simulation software (Aspen, HYSYS, ChemCad); strong library skills and can perform a thorough literature search; have the ability to climb steep learning curves; and have laboratory skills to collect statistically significant data when needed.

David A. Rockstraw, Ph. D., P. E., Inc. maintains a $1 million general liability policy with The Hartford.